I don't want to be covered up, and masked, looking pretty
I'd rather be real, clear view, just see in me.
A translucent outline is all that should hold my insides, inside.
Causing me to be perfectly and absolutely see able
No smoke and mirrors, tricks all disabled
I'll expose all of me, no hiding, I lay it out on the table.
Because to my brothers and sisters in God,
The last thing they need is me playing some facade.
When they try to come around, and pull me up of the ground.
Yet I won't admit the stuff I've been doing wrong.
Wrong. What is this standard they judge by?
Who are they that they can tell me what to do.
But I see... Eyes opened up clearly, the word of God is there scale, and I know they care dearly.
My soul, on the wrong path but they can't see, cause this mask I got on shielding them from me.
I'm lying to the faces of my family, as I go around living in profanity, and now I'm standing tall as the king of all insanity!


A quality, not only thoroughly needed by me, but also you and all others in order to be set free.
The clarity that comes in with the openness, allows us to be healed from all of our brokenness.
No more hiding your sin in the dark
It is a fungus, and the Son will stunt it's growth, so lets start.
by opening up our souls, to the one and holy Jesus and allow Him to make us whole.
Cause look at it like this... How can we, fix a problem we can't even see? Nobodies perfect, so we all need help, including me.
So transparency... Something I will now strive for, to strip off the covers, and tear of the masks, to remove all of these things I've made to hide my scarred past.
Anger filled, hate spewing, non believing, Porn addict; turned into a saved, fooling around with girls, troubled, lustful problematic.
But it's clear, I've made mistakes as you could hear, it's amazing how God even lets me stand right here.
So If I show you me, the real me with no lies; then you'll understand how God can change our lives.
That's why transparent is the status that I strive for, to let the whole world see, this messed up man, to Jesus, was something to die for.




Man!! That's amazing. I love it!

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