My God

There is some one,
In the sky, that with his eye,
He likes to spy.
He looks at me,
He looks at you,
I think it's amazing
And He says it's true.

He rose me up when I was falling,
He gave me life when I was dyeing.
He gave me faith to help the homeless,
He gave me hope to help the restless.

He came and died for you and me
Bcause of love and great mercuy.

I am greatful,
You should be too,
Now won'tyou say
You want God too?

He came to my heart and opened the truth
He took me out of dark and made me new.

He can do
The same with you,
So open your heart
And He'll make you new.

He loves you,
He loves me,
Now let's get together
And praise his majesty.


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