A Father I Would Need:

We were best friends till the end, but the end was too soon.

He said it would be okay, but that was a lie he couldn't control.

I remember it like it was yesterday, to be six years ago.

He went in, and we sat waiting for you.

We waited hours to see you again, and finally the doctor came in.

We all thought we would hear, "You guys can come in and see him now."

But instead it was the total opposite, the opposite that I will always remember.

March 31, March 31 was all I remembered for three years.

All I did was grief alone,  I was in grief until I met someone special in my life. 

That someone who I’ve learned to love and I will always love him.

Even though I would not see him to it’s my end, I still love and believe in him.

He was the one that healed the hole in my heart, that the doctors couldn’t possibly fix.

He’s the one who adopted me into his life, I’m HIS child.

He kept me safe away from my enemies and my fears.

I absolutely can't live without him,

He is my Father, my savior, my love, and he's God.

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My family
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