The Great-UN

He’s been called Dead
He’s been called a myth
It’s been asked
Can He make a rock even he can’t lift?

A pointless question to be sure
People wanting answers more and more
What to say?
Ah ha, pray
pray the answer comes my way

Finally it comes
And it comes with purpose
The title that describes him is UN
And it is glorious

He is undying
In his love

He is unwavering
From above

He is undeniable
And that’s a fact

He is unable
To let us fade to the black

The black abyss of sin
An abyss so deep

That no matter how we try
We can never outreach

He is so unwilling
To let us fail

That he was pinned to a cross
With the cold iron of nails

Through his flesh, they did pierce
But his determination, that proved more fierce

Determination to raise us up
Up to the point we are more than enough

And with thorns on his brow
And blood on his face

The lamb was sacrificed to be our grace
And three days later with the roar of a lion the son came
Living, breathing, walking and talking, out of that grave.

And with that was the ultimate UN
The chains of death, and shackles of sin were “un”done

And Satan’s hold over the world was gone
With one swift motion Christ put the deceiver in his place
Man I’d have paid to see the look on his face

And because of that, it is unshakable
It is unbreakable, the bond we share
With the one who will always love, always care

His title is UN, and that’s all I ask
I can only do to love him back.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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