We Paint This Image of God

Untitled #1


We paint this image of god

This almighty picture of order and love

This sense of safety big and strong

God is divinity 

God is amity 

Who? God, good in you 

They say, 

He’s in you yet the way he’s used is carnage

he’s in you, but everyone is dead

We paint this tapestry of peace

The unreachable goal of billions of soldiers fighting each other 

The painting people look at but don’t absorb 

The blinding prophet adorned with arrows instead of olives

The blood spattered soul of a childhood taken away

We stain with the idea of love 

The blood red splatter of passion and needless actions 

The fusion of men and women’s plasma 

And thats it 

You see the gallery of life isn’t linear

 It has no face or shape or form 

We sculpt the idea of emotion 

Yet empathy isn’t included 

We create the meaning of liberty

Yet we constantly take it away 

The hope of freedom

is often affray

Odysseus without a boat 

Cupid without his arrow

miles of work but you narrow-in on the things that don’t matter

The countless sins that don’t matter

The verses and quotes that won’t matter

The insults and abuse that can’t matter


We paint the image of god

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