I close my eyes

And call out your name


And there I am

Lost in blur

A dark abyss of nothingness

Everything around me is oblivious

It’s just you and me


I am filled with your love

It washes over me like rain


I extend my arms into the sky

Reaching for your presence

Asking for forgiveness

I can feel your presence roam inside my body

Like shock waves running thru my bones

They rectify me


Here I am new

My sins are erased

I am cleansed

It is here that I am re-born

On my knees I lay


Seeking your face

Mesmerized by your beauty

I cry out from the inside of my soul

Chains that have held me down are broken

My spirit grows bigger and bigger

Yearning for more until

It is quenched

Your love overflows my body

Nothing equates to this blissful moment of pure serenity


Your Holy Spirit is like fire

Like an everlasting candle that burns thru my spirit

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