The Life I Lived


Its crazy to go from a gangster to a christian

A loud mouth to a listener

A gun toter to a bible holder

A brother fighter to a man molder

To go from ripping and running the streets

To hymnals moving my feet

Its so easy to see

That with HIM now I am free

Being so used to selling drugs 

And chilling on the block with my thugs

Running to avoid 5-0

And hitting any brother that gave me a mug

From putting my brother down with the set

To trying to help the next

I used to think that there was no future for me

That an OG gangster crip was all I could be

Having no job and my only way to "Get It" was to rob

Not today not anymore

Because with HIM I am sure

I took the initiative and walked across the street

Scared in HIS domain

And nervous to everybody I would meet

He showed me a home away from home

And the real meaning of family

Its a blessing to be different

My whole life I never knew what I was missing

Funny how things work

Especially through HIS work

After moving from house to house

I feel comfortable in his

It feels good to have left behind the life I lived



I wrote this 3 days before my baptism and I read it to my church mom at bible study. Getting past the tears she made flow, she insisted that I read it to my church before I got baptized. Note that this was my recollection to myself that I had changed from my old life stlye.

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