Young men to old ones

Sun, 09/24/2017 - 12:17 -- Neftee

I wish I could take you from your pain.
I wish I could draw you a door
So you could open it and leave,
But paper doors are as thin as the notion.
And we are two paper boats being set alight
By lightning strikes in the ocean.
When I was a young man I was brainwashed.
But now i have cast off the teachings,
And you think it's you I have left.
But I call for you to follow me
Through the void
I need you to be free with me.
These basturds have got you wrought
But fear will not prevail.
You taught me sacrifice and courage
So the least I can do is take the blame.
So break free.
Fight the fear.
Kill these aspirations
And let the enemy alone.
They can't hurt You,
If you let them be.
They say they know God
But they smell of brimstone,
And they have death on their breath
I am your son
Please think of me
As you walk down the path
The path to freedom
The path to faith
The path of the heart
And the path of the pain.


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