Just Because I Smile

Wed, 07/19/2017 - 02:48 -- MARs


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Just because I smile, don't believe I've never been through anything.
Just because I'm not breaking doesn't mean I've never been broken before.
You never see me cry because I've always had to be strong.
You always see me get back up because someone has to help you to your feet.
I was my only solid ground.
I now know that this weight becomes bearable when I give it to God. My problems don't disappear, but they arent supposed to.
God sends us what will make us stronger, I know that.
It's hard to believe I can still be standing after this, but, you won't see me fall.
Just because you don't see me fall, don't believe I've never failed.
Just because I'm not screaming doesn't mean my mind is quiet.
You'll never see me cry tears that won't change anything.
You'll always see me get back up because God pulls me to my feet.
He is my only solid ground.

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Jan Wienen

Thank you



MVP-Most Valuable Poet

Love the poem
Love how you're being openly candid and honest
The best part is how you trust The Lord to guide you through your trials.
Well said, thank you for sharing


Thank you so much!


This is like the story of my life.

I loved every word.

please never quit


Thank you so much!!!! I appreciate your feedback and am happy what I wrote touched you.

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