My Beloved

My beloved is like Jonah;
He's been in the belly of the Beast.
Once the whale had thought him dinner,
Jonah was quickly freed.
My beloved is like Matthew;
Imprisoned, though not to blame.
He too was freed from bondage,
And was able to clear his name.
My beloved is like Jobe;
He's lost everything.
Family, health, and freedom,
Yet his faith continues to sing.
My beloved is like Jesus;
He gives all that he has.
With body, heart, and soul,
He'll never take a pass.
My beloved is a good man,
This I know is true.
If the Devil Himself came to find me,
My beloved would beat him anew.
My beloved is my own,
And I am his as well.
When we are free of this nightmare,
Oh, the Roses we shall smell!

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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