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Almighty father above please forgive me,

My wife wants me to do a deed that my heart refuses,

My mind is waging a war that has no winner,

Do I follow my heart or my love?


Lord have mercy on me,

My wants outweighed my needs,

I have done the worst sin.


The King is dead,

With his blood on my hands,

I see no end to the torment my mind has given me,

The war in my mind is over,

But one in my heart has rose.


I shall never wash my hands clean of this blood,

No matter how hard I scrub,

The memories haunt me,

His ghost watching me,

Talking to me,

Asking me why have I done this.


As the days pass,

The ghost fades away,

Never to be seen again,

Is it me? Will I feel again?

Or has my heart given in,

Never to feel pain again.

I must do it again,

My wife mustn't know,

The prophecy tells a tale of those dethroning me,

I must secure myself,

The guilt is no more as I am free from my torture.


They never saw it coming,

They should have known,

As foul is fair and fair is foul,

My throne shall not be threatened.




Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression. Always let poetry fill your life. 

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