Whimsical Whirrings

Smart yet scatterbrained, darting about.

A butterfly, flitting from flower to flower-

My mind creates it's own winding path.

A random trail here, of a show I watched...

An odd direction there, into a blank mind.


Studying for engineering:

Creativity brought into reality, and molded with knowledge.

Goals and aspirations, the ability to contribute.

To build, improve, and help.


Fun doesn't get left behind.

I do what I need to, but enjoy rest.

Time with my wife – cartoons, games, togetherness.

Life is a blessed ride!


Joy and love, laughter and peace;

I strive to grow in Spirit fruits.

For amidst the randomness of mind,

I have a core in Christ.

Stability, truth, life.


The age old question: what makes me tick?

Sure I've got the organs and structure-

Biological alive, spiritually growing.

For the breathe of live is in me.


From there, what?

I can't sit on what I've been giving.

I am because He is, and He is Lord!

So that's the plan – share Love; my life.


My mind – a strange maze.

Yet, rooted and growing.

Engineer, husband, child of God.

What makes me tick, indeed.


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