I'll express this today
That beauty in the world comes to me seemingly so quickly
At least until I feel like everyone in the possible known universe is ticked at me
I'll express this today
That some days I'd rather fade away than look falsely into the eyes of a passerby who is asking me if I'm okay
I'll express this today
That sometimes I cry deep on the inside because my outsides say yay but inside I die all day
I'll express this now
These daily feelings of sadness and sorrow shall always attempt to put me down
Until it has beaten me, and taken what it feels is my crown
I'll express this now
For though the night seems long in its time.
I know that a voice calls out to me saying you are mine
I'll express this now
I'm done fighting these battles when the wars been won
I can't keep living in the past, what's done is done
I'll express this now
Mistakes we make make us who we are
Some eyes may see a fool
His see us for what we are
I'll confess this now
I need you now more than ever before
I need you every time I step out the door
I'll confess this now
I need you to never leave my side
To say you'll always be mine
Even in the midst of my failures that I'll make all throughout my life
I'll confess this now
I want you because I need you
And Lord I need you now

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