Vivre Libre

Everyone wants liberation from something. 

Seconds, minutes, hours go by

Of which everyone is counting. 

It'll be just a moment before you can 

Finally fly,

But after all, you're just a man. 

Will it be hard to say goodbye?

Harder to say hello?

I need some freedom in my soul,

Some music in my heart. 

Something to fill this hole,

Every single part. 

Today the blackbird sings just for me,

The cello gives me air to breathe. 

Morning comes after the deep dawn,

So I get ready to fight,

And put my war paint on.

I fight for light. 

As Heaven's soldier my foundation

Is strong. 

I'll fight for what's right no matter how long. 

I'll live freely and virtuously

For I am God's daughter,

And I stand up for my Father. 

Thank thee, O God,

For loving me and

Showing me who I can be.



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