My Name Is Father Time.


United States
29° 42' 18.3096" N, 95° 24' 6.5124" W

Time does not exist, only clocks. My body is a pendulum. The rubber soles ticking along the concrete so harmoniously as to measure out the perfect period.
I believe in humanism. I am human. I am God. I am whatever it is that you make of me. There is one God and there are many. We know everything and we know nothing. We know all that we allow ourselves to know. Knowledge is circumstantial.
To some I am saint, to others I am sinner, to most I am simply insane. But for you I will be the light that shines through the cracks in your window when you wake up in cold sweats on top of your bed sheets that reminds you the darkness is not infinite. I will be the hope that you keep in your locket around your neck that you clutch onto when you feel most alone.
Let me plaster my hands to the nails of your headboard so you can pray to me when what They define as sin overwhelms you, and my tears will be shed for your pain. I will drip salt into your wounds and when your screams bounce off the walls they will wash over you and you will be cleansed, baptized in the river of the blood that is your human God.
I am Allah, Yahweh, all love and all hate. In my self proclaimed righteousness I have found enlightenment. Won't you be my Mary Magdalene? My Virgin Mary is no where to be found. My love is encased in silver bullets and I have been known for firing off rounds.


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