the road

Sat, 05/11/2013 - 22:51 -- dmj3473


United States
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(poems go here) I heard before that the road was long
But I never imagined I’d have to be this strong
It feels like you’re asking so much of me
Burden so heavy I can barely breath
And I know in my heart all I have to do is lay it a your feet
But somehow I just can’t bring myself to let go
To let you take control,
I’m so scared of what I don’t know,
maybe it’s just the unknown
Maybe it’s what will happen if I finally trust you and follow down this road.

Insecurities swim around my head
Why was I chosen to be risen from the dead
Doubts and fears swirl inside my heart
Did you save me just to tear me back apart.

But I know these questions are foolishness
I simply feel that to overcome them it’s something I must admit
To free myself from the fear I must admit that it’s real
And leave my life here before you laid completely bare,
Cause when I break myself down it’s then I can finally see
It’s when I empty my life that you start rebuilding inside of me

So Lord I know that the road is both long and hard
But I pray this day , you’d take my burden and my heart
I pray you’d heal these scars and cast these fears away
Let me once again be brought in communion with your grace
That I might Realize and remember I’ve already been washed in the blood
And that it was while I was in the depths, a filthy sinner, that you showed great love
And If I don’t remember anything else this entire day
Let me remember that you are Him in whom I hope, you are the Way.


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