Beyond the Feeling

A clear tapestry sewn together with the tools of Passion, Love, and a firey Obsession

Can be bound together with ones true confession

Because I Love you I let God take you away, 

I didn't yell or scream at him to make you stay

I didn't slit my wrist or cursed to pray

I didn't Push God off when he stood in my way

You were everything, my sun, moon and my rain

What good am I without you, like a Lion with no mane

but a clear tapestry is swen together with tools of passion, love and a fiery obsession

It can be bound together with ones true confession

So I laid down my burdens, and carried my sins 

 The rain poured, and the funeral begins

Because I love you I walked through those stained glassed doors

because I love you I cried down that aile and fell to the floor

I gasped for air with no mercy at all

Because you love me you caught my fall

at that very moment while shaking up in that church

I heard you're voice and I jumped up to search

Because I love you I knew it was all in my head

God didn't take my mother so I wound up dead

God took my mother, my bestfriend, and my light

Because I love you I don't fret God about 



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