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He was here before it All

and All owes it all to He

cause without He All would never be


But in the nature of All, All was much to blind to see

the grace that He was trying to implement to thee

so inturn "All was lost" and couldnt see


in All's blindness, It over came All

which hurt He

and put the story at a stall


He became angry and sent floods and plagues

but through,

It felt no sting, because All was much too consumed


Now, not all of All was blinded you see

for some professed a coming of He

whom had to come to save me, from Me


He looked different than his original form

so we call He, Him

to differentiate the term


Him came so humbly

ready to start his bit

to save All from the evil clutches of It


All rejected Him, just as Him prophesied 

Death awaited Him,

for All to realize


that Him came for that single purpose

to Abolish It from All, through Him's Blood

unblinded All


so You see

All has been sent free


because He soo loved All

that He sent Him

to Die for It all

so that Any of All believes in Him

will be with He, in the grand scheme of it All









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