I Am. He Is.



I wouldn't think so.

Flaw is           everywhere.

No matter where I turn,      oh!,       how I turn.

How I turn

         and turn 

                  and turn.

To find my way out of flaw.

Yet there seems to be no end to the

         broken        and           torn.

A heart hurt.

A mind that has been   burned.

Who am I?

Am I good?

        Am I evil?

                              Will I ever see goodness?


                               Stop it, son.

  Just stop.

Don't turn any longer.

                                                                                     Look up.

                                           Look inside.

For I know who you are.

You are mine.

You belong to me.

You are    healed     and       loved.

Love          abides         in           you.

You are a    new creature     in me.

I have overcome, so you can.

More     than you imagine.

More     than you dream.

I Am,      so You Are.

I am      your perfection.

I your love.

Like the dew on the sunflower, I know where you lie.

I know   who      you are.

I will protect.      You.



Now I see.

                          I see!

I am. He is.

He is     flawless.

I am weak-

But weakness     is       strength.

There is     love      in                      weakness.

                                                                                         Power in love.

He is. I am. Perfectly flawless.






made in His image. Amen to that!

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