Desire Beyond Earth

Lord, I sit here in longing. Longing for a family. Longing for a guy to share in a love only You can provide us. Longing for a man who will honor me through his love for You, his passionate pursuit of Your will. I long for You to use me to support and love and respect this man. Lord, I ask that in this time of waiting, you show me where I need to grow to be the woman I need to be. I long, Lord, for a man who will value my opinion but be strong enough to tell me no. A man who will love me enough to tell me to get over myself, but will listen when I just need to talk. I long for a man who is compassionate towards kids but firm to bring them up in Truth and will help me raise a family for Your glory. I long for a man who will value Your precepts over anything else and most importantly a man who is already respecting me by respecting other women. A man who loves you enough to make his relationship with you right before pursuing any other relationship. Lord, I long for a man who will lead me closer to you. A man who care so much about me, he will always help me grow and learn. I pray I do the same for him. A man who will not distract me from responsibility but will encourage me in life.

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You write really passionately and it is clear what you want/need.

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