Your Father that I Am

You say you love me yet I don't see it on your face,

seeing and believing are two very different things, 

if you love me I promise it will not be a mistake,

through snowy winters and summer rains, 

I will be your embrace, 

wrapping around you through all of the pain, 

from the day you were born till the day you die,

I will forever stand by your side,

though temptations are so strong,

my love is like a song,

if you sing my melody those temptaions will not come along,

please little child take my hand, 

to guide you through life's troubles,

your father that I am,

to guide you, help you, and heal,

that is my love you will feel,

dear child please do not leave me in your past,

for there I can not help you through troubles that happen oh so fast,

by my side you will hurt never more,

like a free bird you will soar,

high above life's sorrows to the promise land,

there seeing and believing fall hand in hand,

everything will fall in place,

my love for you dear child will never erase,

so take my hand,

here I stand,

your heavenly father,

that I am.



I really like this poem, i need to stay in touch with my higher power

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