When the red sky comes,

Clouds form and heavy wind pushes me into confusion.

Wind grabs me by the hand,

Trying its best to hold me back.

It pushes me back into where I am comfortable.

It draws me into the doors of insecurities,

Into the room of “normality”.

But, only when the red sky comes.

It doesn't always come.

It doesn't have to come.

My rescuer saves me out of the rooms,

And fights for me against Wind.

The battle is done quick,

with a only a punch and a kick.

He runs to me,

He holds my hand and tells me he will never let go.

My knight in shining armor,

My one in whom I call my Father,

Will give me courage and calm the storms.

The wind can't take me anymore.

I am in my Father's arms now.

Simply calling on him is what I will do,

When the red sky comes.


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