As I enter this day, 

what most do I crave?

Unlimited, love-genuine intimacy

with someone who never leaves


Embraced daily close to a heart that's 

never selfish, always trustworthy in every way

Knows all my ugly struggles & flaws, 

YET permanently treats me, cherishes me the same


Security in belonging, 

being accepted just as "real me"

No secrets, no hiding,

unafraid of rejection ~ free


Someone I can lean on 

everywhere I go

To talk, listen, laugh, cry,

encourage and be honest with me


Without fail, has my best in mind

more than I 

could ever hope

or dream


Someone who never stops wanting me,

sharing life with me, carrying me,

And all the more so when I'm anxious, hurt, angry,

hopeless, discouraged, or weak


Deeply knowing Someone who knows everything,

never dies, can do anything,

Brings me through fear, impossibles, pain, insecurity, trauma, depressions,

Someone who is ALL I need


In comparison, all else fades:

other relationships, success,

entertainment, jobs, money,

talents, knowledge, fame


Tried all that, 

But my deepest longings have

NO end

They still won't go away




but this infinite Someone 

can FULLY satisfy 

my every infinite crave

This poem is about: 
Our world


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