one takes comfort


There is a time when one must step back

and see the tens of thousands of backstories

working together to build


using only the tissue of the heart.

They carve in and haul out,

each working a different mine

across the expanse of your love



breaking, carving.

You look to God for help but no matter what

the stories stay

and the building


You cover up—try to be okay

and the building


There are moments when it all comes crashing in

and you’re stuck

with the reality of it all,

that you’ll never be free

pain doesn’t leave

Sure, it subsides for a moment,

but what is that moment?

A distraction

from the accumulation

of what life has brought.

You go on and smile

All the while

walking in the brokenness

of never forgotten.

They say time dulls it,

but does it


If it did would I be here

sitting here,

feeling the building?

Alone isn’t when there’s no one around you,

It’s when they don’t love you.

Maybe it’s your fault

Maybe it’s not.

I’ve given all that I’ve got

and the building continues.

Over the years, all the years, you learn to

Control your emotions.

but what is life without feeling?

what is light without dark?

the shifting shadows show the trueness of the heart

and when the buildings rise up and all hope is lost

hope is found.

as the building



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