There is room for us in Heaven

Restless days have accumulated from the regression of my knees.

Parasites are sinking in, remembering the days I turned away from you.

This mistake devastated your heart, but God the heart is elastic.

I was making room for the love and truth.

From the darkness I rose like your son, Jesus Christ.

I know you didn’t make me this way, that I didn’t chose this.


The past has been eaten alive by life and now I raise my hands.

I am cultivating love from the heavens.

God, you have given me breath to continue life by his side, my lovers, and yours.

I want to continue speaking your tongue, tongues of ancient times.

Tongues that pierced hearts and tongues that spoke wisdom.

Tongues that spoke love and truth.


Remind lovers that you can’t heal anxiety but relieve it.

Some parasites cannot be healed but relieved.


I unify my heart and God hears me.

He will save us.

So I stand up on my toes and harvest heaven’s love.

So I sit on my knees and cry out for love.

Replenishing my new transition.

Deliverance is ours.

God hears us.

His son speaks freedom.

Holy Spirit guides from the void.

They will save us.


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