Suicide Note

I read your note

the one you haven’t wrote

only a plan in your head

to become forgotten and dead

but don’t you know

you from death I stole

that the nails in my hands

are deeper than the scars

covered by your wristbands

that the crown I had to wear

was all because I cared


I already used your hangman’s noose

when I took that excruciating abuse

when they raised me with your rope

all just to give life and hope


I took the bullet from your gun

when after they stabbed me

they thought they had won


I caught you when you jumped

after for three days

my body they had dumped


I drank your poison in anguish

when I said “It is finished”


So there is no reason to write your note

the one you haven’t even wrote

because everything I did and do

is all because I love you


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