Daytona Beach
United States

You are...

You are my crazy, my sane, my strength, my weakness

You are my law, my procalamtion, my truth, my forgiveness

You are my ride or die, my #1 fan, my soldier, my ally

You are my crown, my spine, my heart, my air supply


You are my pleasure, my pride, my happiness, my prayer

You are my third-leg, my good eye, my missing piece, my extra layer

You are my god-send, my one and only, my one in a million, my answer to every question

You are my muse, my victory, my deceit, my learned lesson


You are my nothing, my something, my anything, my everything

You are mine thru any and all means

You are my hope, my passion, my will, my strife

You are my center, my gravity, my love, my life


You are my husband

You are my wife

We are united

We are love... Forever...

This poem is about: 
My family
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