What Is Love?

Thu, 08/18/2016 - 17:49 -- BN15

   To most people love is a word to be tossed around

or a feeling to be found


but what they don’t know is it far deeper and greater

and it is our Creator 


to most people it’s a feeling or emotion 

but it’s not what gets our pure devotion 


Love was here from the start

and that’s why it’s the very thing you crave in your heart



cause love is the only thing that can fell the void inside of you

but don’t be mislead love isn’t just something we do


because God is love, and so love is our Creator 

now realize I said creator not dictator 


what most of you think of love is truly lust

and that’s why the world is so unjust


we see people as things we can dispose of 

cause we’re driven by the lust of the world instead of God’s love 


God is love and He never forces it

but lust will wrap you up and make you submit


Lust will hold you captive until you lose it all

but mean while Love will continue to call


 Love will direct you in what is true

but lust will try to change your point of view


Lust will force itself on you and have you believe it’s what’s best

but love will only pursue and come when you request 


Lust will have you believe that it only has to do with sexual appeal 

and it’s ok if it can just be concealed 


Lust will have you believe that love is just something you feel

and sex is how it is revealed


People think looking for love makes you a whore

but that is what the whole world is looking for


but they don’t know that love and lust aren’t the same

so instead of looking to God, they look for money, sex, and fame


instead of falling into God’s embrace

they continue to chase


the very sin that has lead them to were they are

and we can sit here and act like that’s so bizarre 


but that describes so many of you

but if you just trust God His love will come through 




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