Smaller Stars

There are billions of stars in this little window.
Billions of stars in this tiny window pane of mine.
At first, you only see the brightest shining ones.
But at a closer glance, the smaller ones start to shine.

Once they start, they never stop shining, smiling.
As long as you keep watching, they shine on and on.
Shining, twinkling, smiling all night at you,
The stars can’t stand to stop their bright shining ‘til dawn.

If you don’t begin looking for these smaller stars,
They’ll appear. You can glance at the sky and see them.
But if you start looking for smaller stars, they won’t show.
So, when you first find them, hold on to them. Don’t free them.

When dawn arrives, all the stars wink a silent goodbye.
“What would have happened had you held on to those stars?”
You think, as they leave you staring at the bright sun.
“What might have happened had you held on to those stars?”


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