Prison of My Soul

In my dark
Lonely, quiet solitary
Prison of my mark
Within my handmade bars, I am so weary

Take me away, to a home so far
Away, away, to where the sun shines clear
Let me escape my home, so marred
Heaven, so distant, yet near

Unattainable, but tangible
Just yonder, past the brick walls
With air untouched by sin; breathable
My father grins; my name he calls

Oh, to run to those arms
Strong and steady, please hold me close
I beg, break me away from these arms
That I might run to him who loves me most

Oh but for these bars, I would go
If I can just break through, now so desperate
How to break these chains, I do not know
And back I reel, withheld by the bitterness I kept

"Just let go!" I can hear His lyrical voice beckon
I want to lose myself in you; but who am I?
To be wanted by my God, and the Father's son?
Again the chains pull as hope turns to doubt
So unworthy, but the key to my chains is the cross
Yet how, if my life is, time and again, just fault?
And so I remain in my own crafted cage, still so lost

A tear in my eye, a drag in my step
I curl up and cry, feeling worthless and inept
But the king still draws near
Ever closer as I bring my insecurity to the clear

Hello, hello, my king and God
Who am I hear, to seek you now?
With all my past offenses so vastly broad,
Who am I to be allowed?

Impossible to be true
Yet you tell me to draw close to you
to come without fear,
with all my pain, blood, sweat and tears

You awaken me to the dream
of a life without my hopeless screams
You give me someone to love
The perfect one who dwells above


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