Temptation, Sin, Redemption

Wed, 07/16/2014 - 14:37 -- oivets


Enslaved by my foolish pride,
In the rags of my confidence,
An image tempts me at my bedside.
My rags won't hide my true dark preference;
I resist when I should flee this homicide,
'Cuz it's killin me, this foul incense.
I fall, crash and burn soiling what was purified;
I conceal, veil, cover the loss of my innocence,
Afraid of this that makes me undiginified,
Til fear, rage, self-pity fill me with violence.
I can't keep silent or else be split wide,
Shelter and comfort recede from this offense;
I DID IT; I fell, I'm a sinner; I'm outside
Your Fire, Your Love, Your Jealous turbulence.
Light breaks through exposing the shame I hide.
You lift me up, unmindful of my impotence
Loving beyond the walls I've fortified,
Gently soothing this heart of stone with pure sapience.
With You, I'll always abide.


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