Sun, 10/28/2018 - 21:31 -- Regan S

From the moment we are born there are things that shape us into the people we are today. For me and you we are given the choice to be shown the way. But many of us step back and say, “God, I’m afraid”


For girls we live in this world that body shames of left and right. Everything from our nose to our height. We are put in situations that lead to frustrations. How are we supposed to get past these unrealistic expectations? We’re told to speak up against abuse since other people put so many words to use. You’re fat, you’re ugly, why are you such a whore? And yet we sit here, letting them tell us more. Each word slices through us like a blade, and so we step back and say, “God, I’m afraid”


Let’s take a minute look at the boys, Oh wait I’m sorry you should be referred to as men. Women aren’t the only ones who are told what to look like, these guys grow up being told to look like Ken. You’re too weak, you’re too short. Oh and don’t forget you should be playing a sport. One question. Why is it wrong for a guy to show emotion? I’m sorry, I forgot you don’t even want to have this discussion. All these things get put on a scale to be weighed, yet it comes out in our favor and we step back and say, “God, I’m afraid”


As a Christian in this world, it can feel like you are being held back by chains. As a Christian in this world, you are going to experience growing pains. These things mentioned before, God took and he bore because He wants us to live a life of so much more. We’ve made the jump to get saved, Yet we let ourselves get played and so we step back and say, “God, I’m afraid”


But what if we do what we are told and become a light that changes this world of dark. In the same way a wildfire starts, it begins with a spark. Life will throw water to try and extinguish us but we can’t let ourselves get down when it becomes too strenuous. As the song says, “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine”. We can’t sit idly by and straddle the line so that we can step into the dark whenever we begin to whine. When we feel like we are drowning we must let Him come to our aid, instead of stepping back and saying, “God, I’m afraid”


God called us to be different from others and to love on all our sisters and brothers. “But it’s the persecution I fear!” Well then I’d say to you, “Who are you trying to please dear? Because if you are trying to please this world of sin then are you letting satan enter in.” Taking the step to leave behind this world is not easy, in fact you may find it to make you extremely queasy. Some people may think that choosing to live for Christ makes this life become a waste. You have to be careful and not make judgements in such a haste. We can’t let this change become any more delayed, by stepping back and saying, “God, I’m afraid”


“But I’ll be alone!” Okay can I just say, stop making excuses and jump into the unknown. God promises us he will be with us until the end of the age. Just think of it this way, a play is performed on a stage and it is much easier to produce this story with the rest of your cast. With this in mind the director takes a look at the experience in your past to determine who the supporting roles will go to. These people are placed there for a reason, and it is so that y’all can teach each other something new. At the end of the day, you will be able to say that you portrayed this story because of the support from your peers and director. God is our director and he puts people in our lives to walk alongside us in this crazy endeavor. When this doesn’t happen in our timing it is easy to feel betrayed, but we can’t let ourselves step back and say, “God, I’m afraid”


So is this path going to be easy? No. Is this world going to find ways to try and bring us down? Of course, every little thing becomes their ammo. But God calls us to live a live that reflects himself, to do what he says, and the reward is certainly not a downgrade. Just think of the hearts that will have been mended, the love that will have been shared and the look on God’s face when you step back and say, “God, I’ve obeyed!”

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