P.S. I Still Hurt

I said i’d leave you alone

But nights like these make me want to talk to you.

You’re the piece of my youth & desperation

That god no longer wanted to carry.

And me?

I’m the angel he sent you.

I’m not one to believe in religion

But i still pray that you’ll come back to me.

My narcissism tells me that i am the highest being

And you proved it to be true.

You’re the kind of person

That makes people move states away

Just so they don't think about you.

I was just a sentence in your story, but you were an entire story to me.

I said i was an angel.

But by the time you were through with me,

You had plucked all of my feathers and stolen my halo.

You drained me of everything i ever loved about myself and used it to fuel your ego.

You manipulated me into believing

It was something more than just a kiss on the cheek.

Just eye contact.

Just the feel of you laying next to me.

Just a feeling.

Nothing short of heavenly.


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