Secret, Pretty little fruit sitting on that tree 

Please take a single bite for free 

Take this bite and with your tongue 

Begin to see what's right or wrong. 

p a rT ake o f t he fr u it 

But wait, foul devil, it comes but with a price 

That demon never told me it wasn't quite so nice. 

Didn't think that knowing good and evil 

Came with this shining steeple. 

par Take o f The Fruit of the Vine 

That sacred garden where lines are drawn 

Where Sides are fought and battles won 

Romantic thoughts grown through my head –No 

I found that with that fruit, I knew not friend nor foe. 

Par Take of Th e FrUit 

Grow that garden steady and let no devil in 

Told that My garden had started full of sin 

Those pews were cold and infertile 

And My leaves began to pale and curl 

Parta ke of th e Fru it of t he Vi ne 

The Devil has all his wiles 

At work in all these tempting styles 

And if the devil's ways persist 

This newfound life-God let's exist. 


Breath to find the air with musk 

Of the dead things bringing new life's cusp 

Death must bring forth life 

New value found in hardened strife 


More Lines and lines of borders drawn 

More battles fought and less are won 

Over stiff necked assumptions – Oh How It Reeks! 

What must this God Believe? He doesn't even speak! 

The Fruit 

Eat Of What You Find Delight- He Gives You This 

Explained By His Own Unraised Wrists


This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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