Like a child

Like a child, I will believe every word you say no matter how ridiculous it may sound. 

And every time someone tries to convince me otherwise I will interupt them with "but my Daddy said..."

I will hold out my grazed elbow and shove it in Your face when You say a kiss will make it better.

I will feel safe in Your embrace after every nightmare,

Like a child I will awake and excitedly ask You to take me out on another adventure.

We can play hide and seek and run after eachother in the woods, weaving between the trees and sweeping our feet through the leaves.

I know and trust that You will never forget the route back out of the forest beacause I am convinced that You know everything about everything.

I will love and trust You helplessly because that's all I know.

You will hold me when I am broken and of this I am convinced,

Your love is the only thing without condition.

So help me every time I step out of line, with Your righteous hand guide me back.

Kiss me every time I get grazed because of my own carelessnes, 

And when I grow I will remain a child and follow You.



I love the lines when you talk about the trees, and I love this poem. It's inventive and creative.  -Stefani99


Aww thank you, all of the glory goes to God :)

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

Read proverbs chapter 18 verse 10

its about Christ bring a strong tower

you're righteous if you run to Him

read it

excellent poem in glorifying The Lord

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