God: Be my Treasure


be my treasure,

be my Lord,

cut loose my tie to money,

a tangled, messy cord.


My money, my treasure,

live it up,

I used to think,

buy lots of stuff,

fine wine and drinks.


A big house, a new car, exotic trips too,

My goal?

Just to say I have more than you!


Keeping up with Jones,

is what we call it,

spending on everything,

 busting our wallets.


Living in America,

that’s the message,

bigger is better,

  be large and in charge.



stuff my face,

this may sound crude,

can you just Supersize all my food?


Don’t ever be satisfied,

 or content with what you have,

confuse materialism and greed,

 believe it’s a must-have,

an absolute need.


Commercials, marketing, and Madison Avenue,

Tell us to,  

buy, buy, buy,

That’s the message being taught,

even if it means,

your credit score gets,

shot, shot, shot!


But God loves a cheerful giver,

one who is content,

with being smaller or lesser.


It’s not how we’re wired,

to give graciously,

but if we seek God’s Kingdom,

it must affect us,



For our faith,

our money is a reflection,

a reflection of trust,

and abiding connection.


Spending though is a condition,

counselors call it an addiction,

But it’s root?

A spiritual affliction,

a soul tormented by consumption,

yet desiring rest and redemption.


That’s why Christ died,

So we can live life guilt-free,

Including being set free,



To do so,

means a change of heart,

a life of living differently,


to think about others,

our fellow human beings.


We are more than what we have,

we have meaning and mean more,

than just buying things,

 to have and to hoard.


Even if you’re rich,

this mentality,

 will gnaw at your core,

only to leave you,

emotionally bankrupt,

spiritually poor.


Don’t be like Mark Cuban,

or the others on "Shark Tank",

where their eyes glisten and gleam,

salivating at the chance,

 to make even more green.


You want out of this materialistic misery?

It may seem ironic,

but giving it back to God is the tonic.


The first fruits of our labor,

A tithe, an offering,

you’ll quickly notice your heart,

will start softening.


The poor, the homeless,

the disenfranchised, the hurting,

that’s the reason, for our giving.


It doesn’t stop there with helping others,

You must go deeper, trust God,

Not yourself, or your bank account,

To be your ultimate Promise-Keeper.


If you listen,

God will guide you to giving,

your giving will guide you,

to God’s way of living.


Living for God and purpose,

Kingdom come, thy will be done,

In the name of the Father, and the Son.


You will soon see,

why a life of simplicity,

Will unyoke the chain,

Let you worship the Lord,

Unfettered, untethered,

God is enough,

No need for more.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world



tooooooooooo wordy 

shorten this poemup and never middle it


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