Dear God

Wed, 08/07/2013 - 11:55 -- kev005

i am a selfish being, with words that amount to nothing but space.
in between the lines you will find i am a crack within the human race.
and for so long i begged for you to speak loud enough to hear.
i expected you to break me though we hadnt spoken in years.
and for what? for gratitude, because i needed some reassurance.
but everything you put on this world pulled me away like the ocean with its currents.
if you loved me enough, you’d show me you.
get me past the distorted image of what i’ve known to be true.
but how in myself must i be to not feel,
to not see you god, in the moments most real.
to tell you “show yourself, or you will not be seen!”
how lost was i to not know who i’ve been.
how blind was i to not see your signs,
to not see your grace put before my eyes.
how can you make a noise when you are the definition of sound,
how can you show yourself when you have always been around?


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