You Failed

Fri, 03/03/2017 - 22:56 -- BN15

I didn't think my heart could break anymore over you,

But here I am wondering what to do

Because every thought of you


Rips another piece away 

And every time I try to pray

I have no idea what to say.


I warned you to run the other way

But you chose to stay 

I thought you weren't easy prey


Was her body to intoxicating?

Or were you the one doing the baiting?

Or did you both just get tried of waiting?


I try to remember who really controls your chains

And when I do anger runs through my veins

And my heart erupts in pain


Because this isn't who you are suppose to be

You knew to flee,

But at least Christ can still set you free 


You can still make a comeback

Even though when you were attacked 

You got off on the wrong track. 


Because God's grace covers sin

And you don't have to be who you've been.

You can still win. 



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