God Won't Text Me Back

My biggest pet peeve... Is when people don't text me back.
And technically God isn't a person,
But my point still being
That for days I've been impatiently pacing these maroon sanctuary floors,
holding my phone up like Simba just to get a signal,
Cause maybe that's the reason it hasn't been vibrating...
In the deeper crevices of my mental,
I'm hoping God won't mind my intimate gyrating
with random guy from last night,
Cause at least I'm here bright and early on Sunday, ...right?
Don't get me wrong, I'm still tuning this sermon to silence
Fantasies of fornication
Filter heat in my veins
As if sin evaporated off my skin,
So I guess that's why crosses
Become exploited on our necks and our leggings,
It's false hearted begging
God to forgive us for forgetting to repent,
We use ice to chill out our heated souls, we've sold to the Devil
Which we've forgotten he's already spent...
And I'm already forgetting what this pastor has said,
Slide to unlock, and I'm tweeting with a vengeance
RT If You Love God, Remember He Saw You Scroll
...like God loves social networks though...
We're voluntarily taping our faces to a screen
To fake tattoo our arms in bible scriptures and our eyes in "fear God" calligraphy And we hope no one notices that they wash off...
With every communion of Ciroq
We take baths in weekday peer pressure
That scrub off all we believe on Sunday,
Every inch of ink etched into our skin is ripped off
Each time we're "Turning down for whaaat"
While God yells in our ears over the blasting music, "Turn down for ME."
And I strain to listen. In this congregation,
Sitting on these maroon church pews, I try to converse with Him
The only way I know how... Slide To Unlock
I mentally envision myself on my Knees, pleading transparent prayers
In less than 160 characters... "Lord R U there?"
No response, And I wait and wait, 5 more minutes,
it shouldn't take someone this long to text back,
The heat in my veins intertwine with irritation,
See, this is why we stream sermons
On YouTube from the comfort of our couches,
Catholic kids hashtag Hail Mary's,
And we show our devotions in Digital hallelujahs
Cause ain't nobody got time
To wait for God to tell us if He's there....
We'll find God in where we are..
Boxed in our computer screens,
Lodged inbetween the wires of our cell phones,
We'll make what little room we have left for the only
One that really matters.
This is the only way we know how, and this is the only way I know how,
So I continue to picture message Him screenshots of the view I get from
The pew I'm in, so he might
See that I, too, am in His house,
Searching for Him.. .
God are you there, My life is lost without you...
Please text me back.
-Sincerely, Mariah


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