God, I feel like I'm not knowing

And that You're supposed to be showing

Me where I'm supposed to go and...

I'm so confused.

I don't know what to do.

But I continue to stay strong and faithful and run to You!


Your Word doesn't say

Where I should go to college or the guy I'll be with someday,

The things I should get out of...

But You don't hesitate to freely give Your love!

I'm stuck in so much filth and sin

And I keep sinning over and over and over again.


God, I need You.

I'm broken.

Lord, I'm crushed

And completely permeated with sin.

I'm trying to get out, trying to break the chains,

Yet I'm distracted with the worldly things that keep me in my shame.


Father, I want You.

I want to see You.

I want others to join our family and want to be with and choose You.

Stop their living of the same old motions of everyday life...

To stop crying "WOE IS ME!" in our hardships, struggles, and strife.


God, I need Your Word...

And to pick up my cross daily.

I need You, God!

PLEASE come and save me!

I'm screaming out! My throat has gone raw...

I've left myself fall into the enemy's claw.


Be with me.

Be with them.

Be with us lowly sinners.

John 15:9 tells me You'll be my friend.


Walk with us...

Hold our hands...

We need You, God!

We need You, man!


I need You.

Evince to me the way.

What do I do?

What do I say?

Give me the words to pray...

I don't want to fall back into my sin today!


I want a sign of Your love, proof, a token...

I want You to know it's for You that I'm broken.

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