I Have Never Seen You, But Will You Stay With Me?


De Queen
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United States
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My feet walk over this earth and I remain ignorant to so many things. From whom the mirror shows me To how  to use my hands But my mother has told me about you She kissed the crown of my head when I still could not see nor talk And whispered "Thank you" to you when you told her who I was She did so Even though she has never seen your face As I see the multitude walking past me and feel the coldness of their ambition A sharp fear Burning like ice  This lonely ghost that has been haunting me  But I remember my mother telling me about you She cried and looked up to you When I laid on my bed While the Dark Lady stroked my hair I heard a river running and felt an invisible fire all around me Then, my mother woke up again  She sighed and stopped weeping   I have not seen the Lady ever since Instead, I heard you. And fell in love with your celestial aria. Now, as I sleep and drown in these nightmares I take  my hands and offer them to you I cannot see you, but you are there with me  I remember my mother telling me that she loves you more than she loves me And how can she not? I may not know many things  However, this I do know:  I am lost without you and I have no reason to breathe if you are not with me. The only thing I need is you. I know I have never seen your face, but will you stay with me? 

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