Humble things

Lord grant me all the humble things
The silly little humble things,
The things that no one else will see
And no one else will do.
Give me the least of these
And help, I humbly beg please
Help me Lord to be at ease
On my knees to pray and sing,
(And scrub at floor or two)
So long as I'm with You.

Never let me get so proud
That I find myself looking down
On a job that needs me eye level-
And face-to-face with people.
Oh Lord please grant me the humble things
The little things, the simple things
Never let me get so proud,
That I would find myself looking down
On You.

Please grant me all the humble things
That from Your kingdom come.
Let me be a servant there
Not a queen, or general, or warrior.
Let me be the gleaner of Your fields,
The widow with two mites,
Let me be the humble sinner
Who cannot raise her face in Your sight.
Grant me all the humble things.

For it was as a humble thing you came.
A baby in a manger laid,
Among straw and your mothers shawl
And lined with ox spit.
You came as a humble thing
So a humble thing let me be
Transform me into someone
Who can love Your Son,
And humbly say "Yes Lord,
Here I am, send me."
To every little humble thing.


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