Window to My Soul

Sat, 04/16/2016 - 07:53 -- AnisahX

Poetry – because practice makes perfect

Fiction was my first love, first poem I rejected

It was terrible – oh so terrible


So I stopped writing ‘em for awhile

Later I tried my hand again, discovered my own poetry style


Poetry – because it’s a window to my soul

What I can’t say out loud, I write in words

I was a teenager who started writing children’s poems

I’m still evolving toward perfection, still growing

As I’ve grown closer to God, they take on a religious tone

Oh, you can’t stop me when I’m poetically stoned, in the zone


Poetry – because it’s a way to express

Progress, success, a mindset you must possess

Started doing “picture poems” for that Social Media aspect

Even expanded to my first song, it was fun though was a wreck

My love had grown deeper when I did my first real Spoken Word

I’m telling you, poetry is a window to my soul

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