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I cant stand missionaries
No let me rephrase that
I cant stand the idea of it
Cultural oppression at its finest
The idea that you are right
And therefore everything else is wrong
The belief that coming to my space
And bringing nothing
Not food, not water,Just religion
Will save me more then anything else?
Will make it so I dont get evicted tomorrow?
Will stop my family from being torn apart?
Will save my life?
They say beware the wolf in sheeps clothing
They say the snake oil seller lies
They say the devil wants your soul
But your the first one whos come and asked me for it
Asked to trade my soul for sustenance
A meager meal for a lifetime of penance
Cure my disease to cure
Your disease?
I cant see your soul but then again
I cant see mine either
How do you sell what you dont know you have?
How do you buy what you cant ever inspect?
How do you claim the untouchable?
Even children know the danger of impossible promises
And every adult wants to be able to claim accountability
Im not hungry,
Im not barely surviving
Im not dying of some disease in a poverty stricken place
I am too old to fall for the cure all
My eyes too sharp to ignore your bearing teeth
Too wise to sell the intangible
Though lips may weave deceit
Actions always speak direct
If you want to save me?
Save me.
If you want to help me?
Help me.
But your actions only oppress me
Dont mind me as I laugh and walk away


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