11. A prayer for Guidance// Freedom from sin

Jesus, please guide my way
Show me how to live Godly day by day
Please show me how to love my friends and family
And for all my wrongs, please forgive me
You're my Friend, so I’m glad to hold Your Hand
You will always be there for me till the end
Lord, You are the Way, the Truth and the Life
Please teach me how to walk in the light
Help me, so I don't have to go through life in a strife
Please let me live a life that is pleasing in Your Sight
Help me to love You with all my heart, soul, and might
Lord, I want to be like You, no matter how hard I have to fight
Yes, I'll fight sin, the evil one, the flesh, temptation and the world
I'll fight, because I want to be a Godly girl

God, You are Faithful and Just to forgive
Your Wonderful Son paid the price
He gave His Life so that we can live
Many times I've done what's wrong in Your Eyes
But I'm sorry Lord, I apologize
I'm done with sin, right now my old sinful self dies
Sin is no longer a fantasy, I will no longer fantasize
I will no longer fantasify lusting, hating and lies
Sin, I'm done with you, so you can say your goodbyes
I died to my old self when I was baptized
Christ rose after He died, and I did likewise
I rose to a new life
A life where I’m Godly and wise
I'm born again, saved and sanctified

Thank You God for hearing my cries
I really needed Your Help
Thank You for saving me from my old self
I was depressed, angry and jealous, but I didn't know of Your Love for me then
But now I know of Your Love and I'm born again
And God, I don't want to go back to the old me
So I pray that You will guide me, keep me, and secure me
Let me stay on the right road
Remind me that I don't have to follow the crowd
The Narrow Path may be hard
But I don't mind, just please be my Guard
Help me to stay on the right path. ❤

I love You Lord, You are really Great
You will always be there for me, always on time and never late
I can always count on You, no matter what date
When temptations approaches, You will create a way out, The Bible says that so there is no debate
When in testing and trials, I will endure, and for my breakthrough I'll wait
I will always seek Your Help Lord, and pray to You in Faith.

Thank You Lord, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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