I watch over the world

From my throne above the clouds

Watching the people pass by

As if they think I'm not around


They question my existance

Their words pierce my heart

Why can't they see

That through me they can restart?


I made them! I love them!

I gave them life!

They live in darkness and lies

I am the truth! I am the light!


If it's love you're looking for,

Look up! I'm right here!

Nothing can harm you

So long as I am near


I didn't make you to be my slave

I made you to be my child

How is a love so everlasting

Not desirable?


I am love. I am here

What more could you need?

Theres no price for you to pay;

I have already done the deed


I know you're not perfect

I don't want you to be

Your imperfections were cast away

When my Son hung on that tree


I've given my invitation

All you have to do is accept

Then sit back and have faith

I'll take care of the rest




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