The Things We Don't Know


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There are explanations.
Explanations that God keeps tucked away in a little box,
In the corner of his office.
He doesn’t even know what he wants to do with them.

I think he is afraid of them, these explanations,
Just as much as I am.

And these aren’t the explanations of,
How the world was created,
Why am I here,
What is my life purpose,
Where do I go now,
No. this is not it.
Explanations of things we may have to go through in life.
Those things we know about, but could never imagine for our own lives.
And hope we would never have to.

How come some parents outlive their children?
When a parent is never expected to burry their own.
Someone they gave life to.

Why is it that a gorgeous girl like that,
Gets drunkenly abused by her father every night.
She deserves more, but she doesn’t get it.

What makes kids so hateful to other children?
Just because they’re different, just because they don’t fit it.
Even to the point of making that kid want to kill themselves.

Who has the heart to create widespread genocide?
So much hate and power.
Lives of innocent children gone with a click of a trigger.

I think God is afraid of these explanations,
Because I’m furious he wont answer me.


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