Trying to See Myself


I see stars. See in them what I am capable of

I see a heart. Broken in between happiness like hope

I see void. In this I have come to rest

I don’t see myself.

I see a mirror. In this fractal misrepresentation,

I see all. I see what a thought can do

I see it when it falls onto grabbing hands.

I see what was meant for me,

I see hands accidentally open

Receiving exactly what they need.


I see worry. It clouds truth like invisible plagues

I see light on the back of my eyeballs

I see myself

Readying my armor for what

I have done to my soul.

I see god. Thanks given and taken away,

But god knows I am always thankful, even when all

I see is despair.

I see love. I am cradled there. 


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