My journey, God's plan

Wed, 05/18/2016 - 13:11 -- Julie H

When I was a child, they asked me,

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A question filled with good intensions

But really it conjured impossible accommodations

Accommodations of dreams that would never exist.


You see I was born into poverty, not the American poverty

Where anyone making under thirty thousand

Was labelled poor.

But poverty of the underdeveloped nation.

A poverty so deep that just to eat

Took miracles upon miracles

An abundance of miracles

Granted by my God all powerful

The one they said that didn't exist.


But one thing to remember is I did eat.

So I walked those miles to school and back in the boiling sun

Until the melanin and the sun turned my skin to a golden brown

 In hopes of achieving the dream.


Growing up I always knew I had potential,

As my credentials portrayed with A’s in all grades

But until that teacher who will remain unnamed

Challenged me to be better than me,

I wouldn’t have risen above the tirades

Of my mind.

So I climbed the tree of achievement

Only to realize that I loved STEM.

The stems of achievement lead me to STEM

And my love for all things math and science was born.


I studied and I worked and he provided

The food and the books

And the fees and the shelter

And all that time I didn’t realize.

You see, he said in his word

With man this is impossible but with I

All things are possible.

So it made me realize he had a plan

For me.

So when I question

Why was I blessed

With the gift of knowledge and learning

When I can’t even put it to the test?

I’ll remember his ways are not mine and nothing is impossible

For the one most high

Who will see me through my needs.


I remember it like yesterday

My feet were tired from walking in heels

To and fro the stage

But I was appeased in collecting the numerous awards

From peers and teachers alike.

I made it, I did the impossible with God’s grace and mercy,

But the truth is I’m ashamed to say it.

You see when he was blessing me I didn’t remember him

When he was strengthening me I didn’t remember him still

But he was there right by my side

Like a pillar and rock being my guide.


Now I prepare to head to college

And the doubts and worries and impossibilities surround me

I’ll remember I’m not alone.

Therefore I won’t worry about tomorrow

for tomorrow will worry about itself.

Each day has enough trouble of its own.

But I will seek first his kingdom and righteousness

And all things will be given unto me as well.

Matthew six verses thirty-three to thirty-four.


And everyone if you’re wondering

What was my answer to the question they asked me

My name is Julie and I’ll become a doctor with God’s grace and mercy.



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