Can You Hear Us Up There?


Is anyone up there?
Tired of wondering where,
warn out on wondering how,
and never getting a reply.
If evil is the problem,
who can give us the answer?

If God is the ultimate good,
why did Ashley's mom sell her
to be a prostitute
just to buy a little cocaine?

Why did Michael have to watch
as his dad beat his mom
until she was not just unconscious,
but she was gone forever?

Why did Samantha's step dad
rape her every night since she was 8?

Why was Annabelle kidnapped from her family,
and taken to live in a world where she was beaten
and forsaken behind the dumpsters?

What about Jordan?
He felt so alone and helpless,
he had to swallow a whole bottle
of Vicodin in order to put an end
to all the pain.

How is God still up there?
How can people claim him
to be the ultimate good
the ultimate knowledge
the ultimate power?

If he has such abilities
to turn water into wine,
and make the mute talk,
the deaf hear,
the lame walk;
Where is he now?

What about when Ashley
begged for him to save her?
While she was getting money
for doing favors in her own home,
she prayed for God to hear her,
but instead he just ignored her.

When Michael was hiding
under the kitchen table
as he watched his dad bash
his mom's face into the tile floor,
he begged for God to end it,
to make his dad quit it.
If god is this almighty made for saving,
where was he then?

What about when Samantha had to hide
under her covers and pray to this God
to please not let him touch her
for just one night?
Why were his ears plugged,
his voice silent,
his head turned the other way?

When Annabelle was thrown
into the trunk of her abductor,
God was not there
he did not help her.
A God who loves his "children"
cant even lift a finger?

Before Jordan swallowed those pills
He begged for God to hear him,
he begged to feel loved,
he begged to feel anything at all,
However, God did not care enough
to lift him from his sorrow.
Instead he watched as his "child"
vomited, convulsed, and soon died.

If I want someone to hear me,
It's this God who claims to love us,
this God who claims to be the answer to our sorrow,
the God who claims to be the answer to the problem of evil.

If God is real, I write for him to answer


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